Cracked iPad Screen

Speck Products FitFolio Case for iPad 2 in Vegan Leather (SPK-A0322)

Speck iPad 2 Case

Many iPad 2 cases add on a lot of weight as well as ruining the great look of the iPad 2. However, the speck FitFolia case (SPK - A0322) does the exact opposite. It makes the iPad look as slim as ever while keeping the iPad as light as it usually is. There's no...

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OtterBox APL2-iPAD1-20-C4OTR iPad Defender-Series Case(Black)

otterbox ipad defender

With the OtterBox Defender case for the original iPad, you'll be able to protect your iPad from falls and so on so that it doesn't get a cracked screen. Believer it or not, it actually has 3 different layers so that your iPad will be 100% protected.

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CaseCrown Apple iPad 2 Bold Standby case (Black) for iPad 2 (Built-in magnet for Apple Smart Cover’s sleep & awake)

ipad 2 bold standby

Protect your iPad 2 with ease without losing the iPad's style. With this case always on your iPad, the chances of getting a cracked screen will be reduced significantly. Made with faux leather, you can be sure that your iPad will be a lot stronger when in this case.

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Apple iPad Replacement LCD screen display

ipad screen

It costs a decent amount of money to get an iPad's screen to be fully replaced, with the cost of the screen and the installation being quite high. Since the first iPad isn't worth as much as it was because of the release of the iPad 2, you may be better off by buying...

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OEM iPad 2 Digitizer Touch Screen Glass White Part USA

iPad 2 White Screen

If you're looking for a top quality replacement screen for your iPad 2 (white) this will do the job easily. There's really no reason why you need to spend big bucks on repairing your iPad 2 touch screen when you can buy something like this and get it done for a fraction of the...

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OEM iPad 2 Digitizer Touch Screen Glass black Part USA

iPad 2 black screen

The iPad 2 is really popular at the moment and jus like any other top gadget, it's prone to getting a cracked screen. Maybe you don't have a cracked screen though, maybe you just have a large scratch on your iPad 2 screen that you aren't happy about. With many iPad 2' about to...

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