Got A Cracked Screen ? Now what ?

As most of us do, we love our gadgets and especially when they cost $100s. So when the day comes that you dropped your phone/laptop etc on the ground it’s not exactly one of the best days of your life. People drop their gadgets every day but now and again you get a bad fall like on concrete and then you end up with a cracked screen.

You might feel as if there is nothing you can do since you have a cracked screen. Surely you need to go out and spend more money on purchasing a new one ? Well that is certainly one option you have but it is by no means the only option you have. Obviously, if you really need your gadget such as your work phone I’d recommend buying a replacement straight away. So, what are your options ?


Firstly, you could contact the manufacturer and ask them if they could repair your gadget. This is probably the most popular option but it’s also the most expensive. It takes a bit of time to repair a cracked screen and supply the parts so it’s no surprise why this costs so much.


If you don’t want to spend much money repairing your cracked screen you could go for the cheaper way of doing this. Buy the replacement screen online on sites such as Amazon, eBay and . Sometimes these screens can be less than $15 to buy but you might need some extra equipment such as screwdrivers – but these are also very cheap on these sites. There are numerous guides online as well to guide you how to replace iPhone 4 cracked screens, laptop cracked screens and more. Don’t feel as if you need a lot of experience to do this, there is many detailed videos explaining what to do step by step so don’t worry about it. As you can probably tell this can be time consuming but in the end it will be worth it as you will save a big chunk of money!


Another option which I have used in the past is go to a local phone shop and ask if they could help you with your cracked screen. Many of these shops have all the equipment needed and can repair your lcd screen in no time. This is much cheaper than going to the manufacturer directly but sometimes the work done isn’t the best. Not everyone has this choice though, but if you live in a large town or city the chances are you have a couple of phone shops in your area.


So next time you damage your gadget or get a cracked screen remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to fix it. The majority of the time all it needs is a new screen which you can buy cheaply online. There’s no need to spend more of your hard earned money on a new one!

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