How should you clean a LCD screen?

Laptops are used daily by so many people around the world right now and as a result of this your laptop screen is probably not as clean as it should be. It’s the same case for desktops, televisions and many other devices. It’s quite important to note that LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display ) screens are a lot more sensitive than the televisions from the past that used glass for the screen (which lead to a cracked screen regularly). Here’s some tips for cleaning your LCD screen :

  • ¬†Cleaning solution – Don’t use any normal cleaner and presume that it’s fine for your LCD screen as this isn’t the case, you could easily end up damaging your device and you don’t want to replace your LCD – it’s expensive! There’s many different companies that provide a solution to clean your screen in retailers across the globe, they may be more pricey than making the solution yourself but some people don’t feel comfortable mixing different things to clean the screen as you could make a mistake and cause damage to your device.


  • ¬† Turn off the device – It may sound obvious to some people, but it’s so important to remember this step. Electricity and liquids don’t mix very well and you don’t want to find out the damage it can do to your screen/device.


  • ¬† Solution onto a soft cloth – As I mentioned earlier, LCD screens are very sensitive so if you use anything other than a soft cloth this may leave permanent marks on your screen. Soft cloths made for cleaning LCD screens can sometimes cost more than other options but in my opinion it’s money well spent! Along with this you are better off putting the solution onto the cloth and then gently rubbing it onto the screen. Using a circular motion is my recommended choice but others would use other techniques. Just remember not to forget about the corners of the screen.


  • Don’t be too harsh – If you apply too much pressure while cleaning you could damage the screen severely, or even risk getting a cracked screen. Most screens today have a special protection gloss applied to them from day one, if you rub too hard you could remove this cover and because of this the quality of the image on the screen could drop which nobody wants.

That’s all you need to know when cleaning your LCD screen. Just remember to let the screen dry fully before turning it back on. This whole process should only take less than ten minutes to do, so it’s not as complicated as some think. It’s really worth spending those few minutes on cleaning the screen to improve the picture whether it’s on your laptop,television or desktop PC.

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