Why you need a screen protector

Most of the time, when we get a new gadget such as a phone the last thing we think about is purchasing a screen protector. After all, hasn’t the company that made the product put a lot of work into ensuring that the screen doesn’t crack,doesn’t get scratched etc ? Well, unfortunately the answer may be no.


Even a really expensive product such as the iPhone 4 can easily get cracked after a fall or two. A screen protector may not necessarily prevent this, but it can certainly help. Screen protectors are probably one of the cheapest accessories you will ever buy for your new gadget. Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean that they are useless, its actually the exact opposite – they are extremely important. It’s a well known fact that LCD screens can easily be damaged over time. They can scratch easily and after a period of time all these scratches can eventually make your screen get cracked after a small fall onto the floor.


There are many places that you can purchase screen protectors, from online to instore. I’d recommend getting them online so you can see the reviews of the product rather than just buying them in a shop and hoping that the quality is good. You can get them for a couple of dollars online without any trouble, but I’d suggest spending a little more on a better screen protector.


Screen protectors don’t only prevent you from getting a cracked screen though,there are loads of other benefits such as stopping your screen getting all smudgy. Nobody wants to be looking at a screen that is all distorted and cloudy, especially on a device such as an iPhone 4 where the retina display is awesome. A good screen protector will be have special materials to prevent fingerprints on your screen etc which really helps when you use your device a lot or in the sun.


Along with this, screens are one of the most sensitive parts of your device and because of this the company that produces your product will usually not cover it under warranty. If your get a cracked screen on your device, the cost of fixing it is sometimes more than the cost of buying a new device ! You don’t want to face this problem, so invest in a screen protector as soon as you can.


Always remember that it is important to research which screen protector is best for your particular device.

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